Frequently asked questions/FAQ

How do I nominate an NPO?
The Ambassador enters the following personal data via a form: The site code of his location (e.g. MUC99), first and last name and e-mail address. The Ambassador enters the following data from the nonprofit organization (NPO) being nominated, which can be taken from the imprint on the NPO's homepage or provided by the contact person at the NPO: The official name of the NPO, the official address of the NPO, his/her contact person(s) within the NPO, the e-mail address of the contact person(s) and the URL of the NPO. After submitting the form, the NPO will automatically be informed of its nomination by email.
How do I check the submitted project and approve it?
As soon as the organization has entered its project on, the Ambassador receives an email with a direct link to the project. He adds the internal Amazon KPIs to the project page. He then checks the NPO's details and confirms the approval of the project.
How is the funding triggered?
In the start-up phase of Amazon Local Grants, the final review and internal funding is carried out by the admin team of
Where can I get an overview of all the projects relevant to me?
Smartsheets give Ambassadors a quick overview of all projects relevant to them.
How can I implement urgent direct funding?
Im Rahmen von Krisen, Naturkatastrophen oder ähnlichem sollen Gelder schnell an einzelne NPOs ausgeschüttet werden. Die Spenden können in individueller Abstimmung mit unserem Partner Haus des Stiftens zeitnah auf den Weg gebracht werden.
The prerequisite is that the organization is registered on
    How long does it take for my donation to reach the NPO? Will I be informed about this?
    Once the project has been approved and the funding has been checked by the admin team, Haus des Stiftens transfers the amount. Payment dates are always at the beginning and middle of the month. It usually takes one to two bank working days after the transfer for the donation to reach the NPO's account. As soon as a grant has been approved, both the NPO and the Ambassador receive a message that the donations will be paid out on the payment dates.