Frequently asked questions/FAQ

Who can participate in Amazon Local Grants?
Amazon Local Grants is a closed program in which only organizations nominated by Amazon can participate. These organizations must be non-profit organizations according to the tax code, be based in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands and have a valid notice of exemption or a non-assessment certificate. Amazon is currently working with a defined number of charitable organizations. Amazon's open funding rounds can be found You can find Amazon's open funding rounds here.
How can I participate in Amazon Local Grants?
An Amazon Ambassador must nominate you for funding. You will then automatically receive an email with further information on registration and project submission.
How can I submit an individual project / funding requirement as a participating organization?
The invited NPO must register at There the NPO goes through a verification process. Once the check is complete, it receives an e-mail. It then submits an individual project / funding requirement on the website.
How much funding is available?
As part of Amazon Local Grants, the amount of funding is determined by Amazon.
Which projects can be funded, for example?
• Disaster relief

• Education

• Voluntary work

• Sustainability

• Food security

• Family and children

• Health

• Humanitarian aid
Which projects, for example, cannot be funded?
• Projects of political parties

• Projects by church organizations

• Projects of organizations that are committed to animal welfare or breeding

• Projects from organizations based outside Germany, Austria or the Netherlands

• Projects from organizations that were not proposed by an Amazon Ambassador
Is the information displayed on the Amazon Local Grants platform?
In principle, the funding requirements of an individual project should be displayed on the website together with information about the organization, the project and the images provided. However, it is not an obstacle to participation if the project does not wish to be displayed on the website.
How do I receive the grant?
After the Ambassador has approved your project, you will receive an e-mail and Haus des Stiftens will transfer the donation amount to the donation account stored in your account. If the application is not approved, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address stored in your account.
As a recipient organization, do I have to issue a donation receipt/ donation receipt ?
No, if the transfer comes from Haus des Stiftens, no donation receipts may be issued to the campaign owners (Amazon) for the funds received. No donation receipts must be issued to Haus des Stiftens as the remitter either.
What documents are required to submit an individual project/request for funding? required?
To submit an individual project/need for support, logos, project photos and a description of the project must be submitted. The submitting organization must also provide information on the target group and funding requirements. These are relevant for approval by the Ambassador and will later be published on the platform.
Who can I contact with further questions?
If you have any questions, please contact the Haus des Stiftens: Phone: +49 (0) 22 41 / 14 64 08 – 10, E-Mail: . Telephone support is available Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm.